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Are Pressure Washers Suitable for Tree Maintenance?

Tree Maintenance

Pressure washers aren’t suitable for tree maintenance for a few reasons.

Pressure washers are a wonderful tool to have at your disposal for cleaning. Cleaning a fence or sidewalk is normally a draining task, but with a pressure washer, this long and boring task suddenly only takes a few short minutes. Lately, it has been common practice in tree maintenance for people to start using pressure washers on trees even, and why not? Trees are a valuable part of the home, so keeping them looking nice should be a priority. And pressure washers do so well with cleaning other items, why not use them on tree trunks to clean them, and even use to spray insecticides? Well, it is one of the major mistakes that can be made when it comes to tree maintenance, and there are actually a multitude of reasons why you should keep pressure washers far away from any tree on your property.

Loss of Bark

A tree already has enough reasons to worry about their bark falling off, and pressure washers will only guarantee that the bark will be even more damaged. A pressure washer will cause a tree to unnaturally lose its bark as the power of a pressure washer is simply too powerful for a tree. Pressure washers operate with such intense flows of water, the bark of the tree will be forcibly removed and could even potentially damage the tree cells that the bark protects. Permanently damaging a tree is no way to try and undergo proper tree maintenance.

Cause Leaves to Fall Off

Yet another reason why pressure washers should not be used for tree maintenance is that they will cause the tree they are being sued on to shred and drop leaves early. Again, the force is so strong from a pressure washer that if it hits a tree’s canopy, it will remove or shred the leaves of the tree. If your tree is losing its leaves to a pressure washer, it will appear as if it is diseased or dying, which is an aesthetic look you will want to avoid.

Harmful to You

Additionally, with a pressure washer filled with insecticides, you will not only be harming your tree, but yourself as well. Spraying insecticides high into the air means that the insecticides you just sprayed are sure to come back down around you and the surrounding area, which you should want to avoid at all costs.

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