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3 Tree Care Mistakes You Should Avoid

Tree Care

Watch out for these tree care mistakes and do everything you can to ensure your trees are healthy!

Your trees do require care, but more than that they require the correct care. Like flowers and garden vegetables, tree care is all about finding the perfect balance of circumstances. When you learn how to create the appropriate environment for your trees, you’ll enjoy many years of shade and beauty.

Incorrect Pruning

Although it seems like a simple task that you can’t get wrong, many people do incorrectly prune their trees. There is a such thing as removing too many branches at once or cutting a branch stem in the middle instead of near the tree’s trunk. When people want to stop their tree from getting taller they may also cut the tree off at the top. This technique, however, will result in shortening the life of the tree and disrupting its growth pattern. It’s also incorrect to remove too many lower branches in an attempt to control overgrowth. If you’re not sure about the best way to prune your tree, you should have it maintenance by a professional service.

Inappropriate Watering

You can overwater or underwater your trees. It’s important that you understand the individual needs of the species of the trees on your property. Overwatering causes rotting in the root system while not enough water will cause your tree to dry up and die. It will be helpful to do some research into the climate of the area in which you live and how much water your tree species will require to thrive. Slow-drip irrigation systems are the best option for delivering the perfect amount of water to trees by providing a constant source of water without excessive moisture.

Too Much Mulch

Mulch helps keep moisture in the soil and protects the tree roots in the winter by adding an extra layer of insulation. In general, it’s a healthy practice to add mulch around the base of your trees but it will only require a few inches in thickness. Adding too much mulch creates an environment that keeps the bark constantly moist which makes it susceptible to decay, infections, and insect infestations.

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