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What Can You Do About Snow Bent Tree Branches?


Are you worried about having to deal with snow bent tree branches this winter?

You’ve noticed that heavy snowfall has left your tree branches bent over and looking stressed under the weight. Although your first instinct would probably be to shake off the snow to relieve the branches of the pressure, the best thing to do is actually to leave them alone. It’s natural to see a strange condition and want to change it but shaking the branches will make the limbs weak and brittle, which could break or snap the branches. Instead, here is a step-by-step guide of what you can do about snow bent tree branches.

  • You can tend to lighter, cotton-like snowfall with a gentle approach and, once it has all melted, examine your tree for any noticeable damage.
  • Use a broom to brush off dry, fluffy snow. Specific kinds of evergreens, including the juniper and arborvitae are more prone to snow damage. Therefore, be sure that you know what type of trees are on your property and the type of care they require in the winter.
  • Only brush off snow with a broom directly following the snowfall while the snow is still soft. Don’t wait for it to freeze and become heavier under the weight of more precipitation and ice.
  • Make sure that the broom you’re using has soft bristles. Use an upward motion when you sweep rather than from the top down, so that you aren’t adding more stress to the branches with your motion.
  • Back to the initial advice, if snow or ice has been sitting on the branches for a while, it’s best to leave them alone. Don’t try to brush them off or even break the ice on the branches. Wait until the snow has completely melted to examine the condition of the branches.
  • In the following spring, thoroughly examine and inspect your trees. If necessary, have a professional come assess any large branches that may have damage or even broken in the winter.
  • Schedule pruning service for your tree to ensure that it is as strong as possible before the next winter comes around.

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