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When is it Time to Remove a Tree?

Tree Removal

Sometimes it can be hard to tell whether or not it is time for tree removal services.

Trees are a constant proof of the beauty and capabilities of nature. A tree is aesthetic and can add value to your home, but unfortunately, in some cases, a tree must be removed from your yard. This goes beyond a few dying branches too, since those are easily treatable as long as they are trimmed or removed in a timely manner, before they can fall and do any damage. In some cases, a whole tree must be removed instead of just a few dead branches. Here are the situations that you should be on the lookout for in the case that a tree must be removed.

A tree is dying

A clear indication that it is time for a tree to be removed from your yard is that it is dying. A diseased tree can potentially and hopefully be cured, but a dying tree is untreatable and once the symptoms show, it may be time to call the professionals to take it down. Signs that your tree is in the process of dying is that there are now mushrooms growing at the base of the tree, or that the leaves are falling early or that there are no longer any leaves left on the tree to be found.

Tree is unsafe

Everyone loves the family tree, but no one wants to see the family tree become unsafe and hurt any member of the family. There are many ways for a tree to become unsafe, most commonly some kind of weather related incident can occur that heavily damages the tree, leaving the tree unsafe to be around with your family. After an incident like a blizzard or hurricane, check your tree for any noticeable damages like potential falling branches. In this instance if the tree is in fact damaged, there should be no hesitation to have the tree removed before any harm can be done.

Structurally flawed

Another tip to identify whether or not it is time for a tree to be removed is whether or not it is structurally sound. Look for any cracks and cavities in the tree and see how bad they are. In a lot of cases, they may not necessarily be a sign for removal of the tree, but if they are extensive, it may be time for the tree to go. Missing bark is also an indication that the tree does not have many standing days left.

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