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How Do Stump Grinding and Stump Removal Differ?

Stump Grinding / Stump Removal

What’s the difference between stump grinding and stump removal and which one is more suited for you?

After a tree falls or is removed, stumps can often stay put for a good while. Sometimes, this can cause a tree to regenerate out of the stump, but it’s also just an unsightly nuisance. For this reason, many people opt to remove their stumps before they become a problem again. With that said, there are actually two common processes for how homeowners achieve this: stump grinding and stump removal. Let’s take a look at the difference so you know which process better suits your needs.

Stump Removal

When performing stump removal, the entirety of the stump—along with the ball of the tree—gets removed. This is a strenuous, difficult process, though sometimes it is necessary. When a tree grows, the root ball grows alongside it, meaning they can get pretty large in some cases. Most stump removal professionals consider this to be a difficult process, as once it is performed, there’s a huge hole left where the tree used to be thanks to that root ball. If you just want to make the area look nicer and prevent a tree from regrowing, stump grinding may be more appropriate.

Stump Grinding

For those who want a more economic approach to getting rid of that pesky stump, stump grinding is a suitable option. When a tree is cut down to ground level, stump grinding is the typical method utilized. The first step is to grind the stump up using a stump grinder. These small pieces of stump are great for mulching or as a ground cover option. After that, the stump is left to just a few inches beneath the surface of the ground, which can then be covered by dirt where grass will eventually grow over it. After enough time, whatever is left of the stump will decay.

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