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What Causes Tree Bark to Fall Off?


No one likes when their tree bark starts to fall off and there are numerous potential causes.

As a homeowner, you take pride in keeping your home and property well maintained. That can include the landscaping: flower beds, shrubs, and trees. You may have even planted some trees when you bought the house. All of these things beautify and add value to the property and enhance your enjoyment of it. You do your best to keep the grass mowed, the weeds under control, and the bushes trimmed. But what should you do if you notice that the bark is peeling off some of your trees?

Part of the Growth Process

According to horticulturists and tree care technicians, in many cases, it is normal for a tree to shed some of its bark. When a tree grows, the bark moves outward and may crack and fall off.  This is part of the growth process and you will see bark underneath, indicating a healthy tree.

Types of Trees that Shed Bark

Some trees shed their bark more than others. For example, sycamore trees have bark that flakes off in large chunks or sheets. The bark underneath it is a whitish gray color. While it may look a little strange, it is completely normal and not cause for alarm. Other trees that shed bark include redbud, silver maple, and birch.

Environmental Causes

If your tree has peeling bark and you can see bare wood underneath, this could indicate a problem. A number of things could have caused the bark to fall off: animal damage, being struck by lightning, or a branch that was not properly removed. If the bark that is falling off is located on the south or southwest side of the tree, it could be caused by frost damage.


If the tree has leaves that are yellow and wilting along with branches that are dying, that could be a sign of disease. Hypoxylon canker is a disease caused by a fungus that you can see matted under the peeling bark. If a tree on your property has this disease, you should have it removed so that the fungus doesn’t spread to other trees or plants in your landscape.

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