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How To Remove Ice off Your Property’s Trees

How To Remove Ice off Your Property's Trees
Frozen tree branches are never a pleasant sight to see.

“Rain, rain, go away” is a familiar tune known by many for antsy kids who are looking for an exciting day outside. But even us adults might catch ourselves singing this jingle during the winter when freezing rain swiftly turns our property’s trees and shrubs into icicles. Frozen tree branches are never a pleasant sight to see. The more ice that builds up, the more danger it poses towards plants. But do not let icy trees give you the chills. Here is what you should know about how ice damages your property’s trees and how to help them recover.

Does Ice Damage My Property’s Trees?

The answer to this is simple. Yes, some trees take it harder than others, but ice can indeed cause damage. Ice can get very heavy, and as it builds up on shrubs and trees, branches get weighed down. Frozen tree branches are at serious risk of snapping under intense pressure. Anytime a tree loses limbs or bears any wounds, its health is put at risk. You don’t want to deal with any dead trees on your property.

How Much Ice is Needed to Snap a Tree?

Just to put it into perspective, a layer of ice that is a fourth of an inch to half an inch thick and snap smaller branches.it would take a half an inch of ice or more to snap a larger branch. The amount of ice isn’t the only consideration. Some tree types are more tolerant to ice damage too. In general, trees with a dominant central branch that grows much quicker than the side branches are less prone to breaking when the ice does build up. On the other hand, trees with branches that grow at around the same pace (like oval-shaped trees, oak, ash, or maple) are not as resistant to ice damage.

Should I Remove Ice From My Property’s Trees and Shrubs?

You shouldn’t try to remove ice from your property’s trees and shrubs. It could actually make matters a lot worse. Instead, do this when you find snow, or call a professional arborist for advice on what to do.

Will My Trees Recover?

The truth is, its tough to say if your trees will recover. Let the ice melt, look out for any hazards around your tree, and get some expert help to determine if your property’s trees are in good shape.

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