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Why Removing a Dead Tree May Be High Priority

Getting that dead tree removed may be a higher priority than you realize.

A dead tree may not seem like a big deal. After all, that’s the circle of life—trees are planted, grow, and eventually like all things, pass away. That said, there are big reasons for being concerned about dead or dying trees on your property that may call for a professional to come in and remove the tree. Dead trees can make your property unsightly and ruin the overall aesthetic of your home, but there are some other major concerns as well. Removing a dead tree on your own is difficult which is why we recommend working with a professional like us here at Harford Tree to get the job done. 

They Are Dangerous

Once a tree dies, it’s going to begin decaying which will undermine the structural integrity of the entire tree. If you’ve got a family, the last thing you want is some dead tree to fall on someone or for branches to fly down and hit someone in the head. Trees damaged by storms pose especially serious risks and ought to be taken care of promptly.

They Encourage Pests

A dead tree may end up being home to the kinds of pests you don’t want on your property. This can encourage additional squirrel populations, but also rats or termites that you certainly don’t want near your home. Animals that are more typical of residential properties like birds or squirrels can make it difficult to remove a fallen tree later on, as you don’t want to disrupt their home, so you may want to remove it as soon as you can.

They Spread Diseases

Just like you and I, a tree can end up getting sick. Worse still, those illnesses are contagious too. This means that molds can be spread among trees that are spread in the form of a powdery substance, ultimately killing your tree in the process. One infected tree can end up harming all of the other trees on your property so get it taken care of quickly.

Tree Care and Maintenance from Harford Tree

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