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2 Big Tree Myths: Busted

Tree Myths
We’ve broken down two tree myths that you never want to fall for.

When it comes to keeping trees on your property, the right care and maintenance is crucial to keep your trees healthy and your home safe from any falling hazards. Trees can be a great addition to any property, adding value to any landscaping design and bringing an idyllic quality to your curb appeal. But without the help of a professional arborist, many homeowners find themselves misinformed about proper tree care. In order to care for your trees and keep them healthy throughout their life, make sure to stay well-informed about tree care and partner with a reputable arborist in your area to avoid making some common tree care mistakes. Here are just 2 of the biggest myths that homeowners tend to hear about tree care.

1. Only Trim Your Trees in the Fall

Many homeowners, avid gardeners included, may be unfamiliar with the process of tree pruning. So when a homeowner receives the common advice that you should only trim your trees in the fall, it’s no wonder why they would follow that rule. However, this is actually a myth. While the fall is the best time to trim trees because the tree is dormant, there are plenty of other occasions where it is appropriate to trim trees. For example, it’s fine to trim a tree in the spring or summer if it has been several years since the tree was last pruned. In fact, this is a good way to avoid falling limbs that can pose a serious danger to you, your family, or your pets. Tree trimming is also a great way to get your landscaping looking its best and boost curb appeal in time for showings if you are planning to sell.

2. Ivy is Harmless and Looks Great

While climbing plants can grant a charming look to a garden pergola or lattice fence, it’s a myth that ivy won’t harm your trees. Actually, ivy can effectively choke trees by climbing the trunk and growing out of control, preventing the tree from getting necessary sunlight and water, while also drawing additional insects to prey on the trees. In fact, there are many species of invasive ivy in the Maryland area that can seriously harm your trees. Tree care can be more complicated than many homeowners believe, so it’s a good idea to partner with a reputable arborist to keep the trees on your property healthy and safely maintained.

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