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Hardscaping Ideas to Make Your House Stand Out

Hardscaping Ideas to Make Your House Stand Out
Along with landscaping, hardscaping can be something beautiful that your home needs to stand out in the neighborhood.

Spring is slowly approaching, so now is the perfect time to jazz up the outside of your home. Along with landscaping, hardscaping can be something beautiful that your home needs to stand out in the neighborhood. As you may or may not know, hardscaping refers to any inorganic item used in landscaping, including, but not just limited to, pavers, retaining walls and pergolas. Hardscaping adds character and personality to your property’s landscape. Here are some of the best hardscaping ideas to consider for your home.


Pavers are a long-term and highly durable choice to help transform your yard. Many options are simple to place because they interlock. There are a few types of pavers to choose from, like brick, concrete, porcelain, and natural stone, all of which come in different shapes and sizes. They are also meant to be very long-lasting. With several options available, the perfect style for your home might be easy to find. Most homeowners that look into pavers choose more of a modern feel for their hardscape plan. Something more clean, smooth, and large format design-wise. There are many different options, including gray tones, plank-style pavers, large format shapes, and modular designs. All of these options are bigger than the traditional cobblestone brick pavers of the past and allow new designs that reflect the overall look of the home better.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are no longer just used for functionality. Instead, they’re now becoming increasingly more diverse and expressive for your hardscape design. Retaining walls are now a much more integral piece of equipment in many outdoor living areas. Succulent and other garden plants in retaining walls can also give your home a tropical look amongst the hardscape. Trees can also go well with any retaining walls in your space.


While your traditional gazebo is covered up, the pergola is a more open option for your home because the structure allows selective light through. Usually found in desert climates, the design of a pergola has started making its way back into other regions. It can help give your hardscape design that finishing touch it might lack. A pergola can help mesh the home into the backyard officially. Whether the structure is made out of wood or metal, the options for color and style are almost endless.

Pergolas, pavers, and retaining walls are just a few ways you can use hardscaping to improve your landscape.

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