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Why Tree Planting Helps Our Cities

Why Tree Planting Helps Our Cities
We need trees, and they’re essential for the environment for many reasons.

Trees drastically improve the livability of our cities for a multitude of reasons. However, for many years trees in our urban areas have been decreasing slightly. Bigger mature trees that reach the end of their lives are usually replaced with smaller species, if at all. These replanted trees then struggle to reach maturity due to the demands of the paved surroundings around them. We need trees, and they’re essential for the environment for many reasons. Here are some of the best reasons for tree planting in our cities today.

Visual Appeal

Very few things can compare with the aesthetic impact and seasonal impact that trees give the urban setting. They provide a massive visual boost and appeal to any area and can significantly enhance the design of any streetscape. Tree planting alone can change the visual look of a block of an urban setting.

Air Quality

For every ten percent increase in an urban tree canopy, ozone is then reduced by three to seven percent. Trees have also proven to remove carbon from the air, getting absorbed and stored as cellulose inside their branches, trunks, and leaves. Tree planting is now one of the most cost-effective ways of drawing in carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Health and Well-Being

Trees have also proven to have a substantial positive impact on skin cancer, hypertension, asthma, and other stress-related illness by filtering out polluted air, reducing smog, providing shade from solar radiation, and allowing for an attractive, calm setting for recreation. Nitrogen oxides, Sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide, cadmium, and lead are all harmful pollutants that tree planting can effectively remove from the air.

Property Value

Independent studies have shown that tree planting on one’s property can give a five to fifteen percent increase in their property value. This proves that trees increase both commercial and residential real estate values.

Cooling Effects

Tree planting reduces temperatures by adding shade and transpiring water. This helps with reducing air conditioning bills and energy use as well. Studies have proven that one mature tree can produce almost the same cooling effect as ten room-sized air conditioners. This becomes a very useful tool in reducing urban heat islands in cities. Tree planting also can save up to ten percent of local energy consumption through their moderation of the local climate.

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