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How to Handle Mushrooms Growing Around Your Trees

How to Handle Mushrooms Growing Around Your Trees

Some mushrooms can form symbiotic relationships with your trees as they start to grow underneath the soil.

Whenever we see a new growth on our land, we typically assume that it’s a good thing. Grass, flowers, and trees all seem to compliment the vibrancy of our property well. Next thing you know, you see a few mushrooms growing at the base of one of your trees. Are they bad for its health? Not always, they’re complex organisms. Some mushrooms can form symbiotic relationships with your trees as they start to grow underneath the soil. However, there are some fungi that are pretty bad for your tree’s health. Read on to learn more!

Honey Fungus

Honey fungus mushrooms can be harmful to trees. They’re yellowish-brown and grow in various clusters around the tree roots and base. They typically have a white ring around their stems and their flat tops. Honey fungus mushrooms usually pop up between late summer or early winter, and if you’re worried they may be growing, take a sniff because they are named due to their sweet smell. These mushrooms tend to be attracted to oak trees too, but fruit and birch trees are also commonly afflicted by them as well.

What Will Honey Fungus Mushrooms Do to Your Trees?

Honey fungus mushrooms attack the tree roots and cause them to decay, which eventually kills the roots entirely. This is very dangerous to both you and your property since the rot at the base of your tree could cause it to become unstable, which increases the risk of breaking down and falling over. This could cause severe property damage, so make sure you’re keeping an eye out for any mushrooms.

How Do You Treat Mushrooms?

Unfortunately, honey fungus can’t be treated with your average fungicide and is quite devastating. A certified arborist should be consulted with to ensure that the fungus is not spreading underground to other plants in your landscape. Typically, the only course of action is removing and then destroying any infected plants to prevent the spread of the infection further. If you need assistance dealing with mushrooms and fungi, give Harford Tree a call!

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