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How Safe is It to Have My External Roots Removed?

How Safe is It to Have My External Roots Removed?

Dealing with the external tree roots is a challenging process.

Whether you’ve got a tree in your front yard that has been growing slowly during your twenty years in your house, or you just moved into a house that has a backyard tree with a lot more roots than usual, external tree root removal may be on your mind. Dealing with the external tree roots is a challenging process since roots provide the foundation for trees, both large and small. How can you safely deal with or remove external tree roots? Read on to learn more!

When Should You Make the Cut?

The best time of year to remove or cut tree roots is during the winter and early spring, however, you can do it basically whenever. Doing it in the spring or winter gives the tree more time to adjust during the slower months of low growth. So if you do wish to give it a nice head start on development, consider doing it today.

How Safe Is It to Cut Down Tree Roots?

There are obvious risks involved with any type of landscaping project that interferes with the overall livelihood of a plant, and cutting the tree roots is no different. The location and size of the tree root, however, will have an effect on whether or not it will hurt the tree. Any roots that are around two inches wide can be dangerous, as those roots are required for the tree to live and remain totally stable. Roots that are close to the trunk or fused down to the trunk are also crucial for the tree. A big tree root in your yard could be a nuisance, but a big tree through your roof after an intense thunderstorm will be much more painful.

How Many Roots Could I Cut?

Don’t’ try to remove more than 20 percent of your tree’s visible above-ground roots as a general rule of thumb. Once you have completed this project, don’t attempt to cut or remove any more tree roots until three years or more have passed.

Call in the Pros!

One last rule of thumb is to call in the pros for all of your external tree root removal needs. Harford Tree can determine which roots are essential to the tree’s health, how to remove them best, and how to keep your tree healthy during their absence.

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