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How Does Pollution Affect Your Property’s Trees?

How Does Pollution Affect Your Property’s Trees?

Pollution dramatically harms the environment, as many of us know.

Pollution dramatically harms the environment, as many of us know. There is no dancing around that fact either. Unfortunately, as humans, our pollution rates have only progressed in the last few centuries. However, in the last handful of decades, these rates have increased dramatically to alarming numbers. We know that this can have a few negative effects on animals, as we see with oil spills and discarded waste in the ocean. However, what does this mean for trees? How does pollution directly affect the health of trees? Read on to learn more!

Water Pollution and Trees

Trees, much like any other living thing, thrive primarily because of water. When water becomes contaminated, it can cause some serious issues. For example, contaminated water could be taken in through the roots of plants and will then work its way to part that humans will eventually eat. This could make us sick. If pollution is bad enough, it will end up killing a tree entirely. Trees could actually be killed by too much clay or water, as they will then not be able to soak up nearly as much clean water, and they’re then choked. Clean water isn’t just a necessity for us humans but also for trees.

Air Pollution and Trees

Plenty of people are aware that trees could filter out pollutants in the air to make it safer for us. And while that is true, trees can’t filter out every single impurity. For example, sulfur dioxide is quite poisonous to them. It can dissolve their leaves, reduce growth, and make them more vulnerable to the outside elements. Sulfur dioxide is typically released through the creation of ore mining, especially in relation to coal. Areas that see plenty of ore mining are typically surrounded by trees that the fumes have killed off. Acid rain is also a problem. It could cause branches and leaves to deteriorate as time passes. It should be noted that the rates of these specific pollutants have gone down in the years past, but it is definitely not enough to totally stop the overall destruction of trees today. If you’d like to learn more about new trees and tree planting, give Harford Tree a call today!

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