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Winter Tree Problems to Watch Out For

Winter Tree Problems to Watch Out For

The winter season ends up being the most problematic time of year for our trees.

There is no denying that our trees are constantly exposed to the elements — throughout the year. In fact, trees will usually grow throughout the year — but it’s the winter season that ends up being the most problematic time of year for them. The reality is, with very low temperatures, freezing rain and even snow, trees can really take a brunt of the havoc that comes with these wintery weather conditions. Ultimately, there are some excellent ways you can take proactive measures to keep your trees safe and secure throughout the winter season. Here are the biggest tree dilemmas to watch out for and how to prevent them from ruining your tree.

Below Freezing Temperatures

There are many injuries that your trees might suffer when the temperatures begin to drop. In fact, low temperature tree injuries are all too common. The reality is, root damage is a very common occurrence for homeowners living throughout the northeast. Ultimately, any area that receives low temperatures for a significant period of time can hinder your trees health and growth as well. As a result, when roots die in the winter, it becomes important to monitor your trees during the spring as the weather begins to warm. If you notice any damage, contacting a professional might be the best approach to take.

Trees Drying In Winter

Winter is notorious for dry air. In fact, just like our skin, a winter tree can also begin to dry out. The reality is, plants do continue to transpire moisture even during the winter. Ultimately, when the soil is totally frozen, that water can’t be replaced which then dries out the foliage. As a result, just like the effects of low temperatures on your tree, when your tree doesn’t have enough moisture, come spring, you’ll notice brown foliage and burnt leaves. 

Bottom Line

At the end of the day, tree care becomes increasingly important as the winter season approaches. In fact, being aware of the ways to maintain your trees throughout the winter season will help to ensure they are thriving come spring. 

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