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Why Winter is a Great Time for Land Clearing

Why Winter is a Great Time for Land Clearing
Winter is a great time of year to tackle land clearing projects.

Most people don’t immediately think of winter when they consider the ideal time of year to do yard work. This is especially true if your property needs considerable support – spending a large chunk of time out in the cold and wintery weather doesn’t sound fun, especially if you’re also doing hard physical work when you’re out there. The truth is, however, that winter is a great time of year to tackle land clearing projects. Read on to learn more.

The Ground is Frozen

When the ground is frozen, it’s hard (of course), and that’s a good thing. Frozen winter ground is easier to work on. When the earth is muddy, slippery, or soft it is more dangerous for you but it is also extremely hard, and maybe impossible, to safely use heavy machinery. During the winter, you can bring in the heavy equipment needed to clear your land because the ground can safely support it.

The Soil Has Protection

During the winter, there is less rain, runoff, and drainage to carry away loose soil, making it a good time of year to do excavations or large plant extractions. Since the plants are dormant, their roots also disrupt the soil less when they’re removed during the winter. Tackling these jobs in the winter gives the soil time to settle again and compact before the spring thaws. Winter can even be a good time to do this work if there’s some snow. Clearly, a huge amount of snow would make it impossible and dangerous, but a little snow can add a layer of protection to the soil while you do your land clearing tasks.

There’s Little Else To Do

Now you’re probably thinking there are plenty of other things to be doing during the winter: sipping hot cocoa, reading a book, taking a nap. To be sure, there are certainly plenty of other things you want and need to be doing during the winter, but they’re likely not land-related – no farming or gardening. At most, you may be doing some winter pruning. So this time of year, there’s little else for your property to be doing. Winter is a time of dormancy – the plants and microbiome slow down or pause their growth, so it’s a great time to jump in and get ahead of everything to clear out what you don’t want there.

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