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The Top Threats to Your Property’s Landscape this Winter

The Top Threats to Your Property’s Landscape this Winter

Landscaping, especially the plants and trees in your yard, need to be protected from the winter weather.

While we have not had any serious winter storms just yet, there is always the possibility that a massive snowstorm is right around the corner. When a serious snowstorm hits here in the mid-Atlantic, your top concern is to make sure your house and family are warm and safe. For a lot of homeowners, their next concern is the landscaping, especially the plants and trees in your yard. If you have made an investment in your landscaping, you want to ensure that it makes it through the winter unscathed and prepared for the spring. Read on for the top threats to your property’s landscape this winter!

Snow and Ice

During a winter rainstorm or a snowstorm, ice and snow can build up in a tree’s branches and cause them to snap or sustain damage. There are a few ways to prevent damage to the tree limbs and your property. They are:

  • Remove damaged limbs. Walk around your property and identify any broken or damaged limbs. If you remove them before a storm hits, you will avoid having the branch fall on your home or property. A certified tree arborist can identify and remove limbs that you may not see or be able to reach.
  • Gently remove all snow. Remove any snow before it turns into ice. A light shake can remove excess snow from branches, and a swift sweep will brush off snow from the shrubs.
  • Allow the ice to melt. If your branches are covered in ice, you could do more harm than good by trying to chip away at all the ice. Instead, allow the ice to melt off naturally.


With the added weight of ice or snow, branches are a bit more susceptible to wind damage. Correct tree trimming before a winter storm will remove any damaged or dead limbs before they come down from a strong wind.

Cold Weather

The winter season’s first front can damage delicate plants but shouldn’t harm your trees or shrubs. So as long as your plants fit within your home’s heartiness zone, they shouldn’t be affected by prolonged cold spells.


It sounds weird, but the sun can hurt plants during the winter. Younger plants that are not dormant can experience damage once the sun activates their issues during the day and plummeting cold temperatures at night. Covering your young trees in the shade can prevent this kind of damage.

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