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Why Winter is a Great Time for Tree Removal Services

Why Winter is a Great Time for Tree Removal Services

If you’re considering working with tree removal services this winter, you may be onto something!

Just like many woodland creatures, trees go into hibernation during the winter, too. Once the cold begins to settle in, trees go into a state of dormancy that helps them survive those cold temperatures and preserve their strength for when it’s warm again. The winter is also a good time to consider removing trees, as that state of dormancy can bring about ideal conditions for tree removal—so if you’re considering working with tree removal services this winter, you may be onto something! Let’s take a deeper dive into why you may want to invest in tree removal services during these cold months.

Less Cleanup

Typically, tree removal services are going to involve plenty of leaves that need to be collected afterward. As we all know, though, winter does that for us and will leave your branches barren. This makes the whole process effortless, as you don’t have to worry about raking up after you remove a tree during the winter.

Safer Tree Removal Services

Because of the extreme weather conditions that come about during the winter, it can be extremely dangerous to keep dead or dying trees on your property. This is because they can easily splinter, causing damage to your home, a vehicle, power lines, or even hurting someone. Prompt removal ensures that no damage is done due to dead or dying trees.

Stop Spread of Disease

Just like trees and animals, disease-spreading fungus and pests are also dormant during the winter. This results in a much easier time removing trees during the winter as it decreases the odds of you spreading tree diseases by doing so.

Less Stress for Trees

Thanks to winter tree dormancy, removing branches is also easier during the winter. Since they have all that extra energy saved up during these months, it makes it easier for them to recover from the process, resulting in healthier trees once the weather gets warm again.

Improved Visibility

Since there is less foliage during the winter months, you can easily inspect trees to figure out where they need the most attention. For example, there may be indicators of mold, decay, or other diseases that require intervention. Identifying unhealthy trees is easier during the winter months.

Tree Care and Maintenance from Harford Tree

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