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When to Be Worried About Brown Leaves on Your Trees

When to Be Worried About Brown Leaves on Your Trees
Do you know when brown leaves are harmless or harmful?

Browning leaves are usually seen the most in the colder months of the year, as trees are more susceptible to frost damage that could discolor their foliage. This does not always indicate that your tree itself is actually dying. Still, it might temporarily alter your tree’s appearance until the warmer temperatures arrive and the ground starts to become moist. We are now in the fall, which does means the color of leaves will transition from green to brown. However, do you know when the brown leaves are harmless or harmful? Read on to learn when you should be concerned about brown leaves on your property’s trees!

Dead Tree Branches

It is normal to see some tree leaves start to die and turning brown, even on your healthy trees. If you see a clump of dead leaves, chances are there is a dead branch that you have to trim away. If it appears to be just one singular dead branch, there is no need to panic. Even on larger, healthy trees, branches die as a part of a tree’s normal and natural life cycle. However, if various dead branches are popping up, this is a cause for concern. If you see several branches with brown leaves or no leaves, period, try to snap off one of the smaller twigs. If it breaks easily and is brittle and dry, your trees might be dead or dying. You should definitely reach out to a certified arborist right away if this is the case.

Leaf Scorch

Although trees need the sun to survive, leaf scorch is here to remind us that too much of it could be a bad thing. The most common kind of brown leaves is over-exposure to the sun, otherwise known as “leaf scorch.” It is essential sunburn for your tree leaves. You should look for it during the summer months, as it will manifest as brown patches at the tips or yellowing at your leaf’s margin.

Insects and Disease

Each tree comes with a unique list of possible problem areas. Do a bit of research about your trees to discover which insect infestations and diseases it can attract the most. You will have to tackle the issue head-on to tackle discolored leaves, leaf spots, or other fungus caused by an underlying diseases or insect infestation. Ask one of our certified arborists if you are unsure.

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