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The Smartest Ways to Protect Your Trees This Winter

The Smartest Ways to Protect Your Trees This Winter

Winter is coming soon here on the East Coast, and it can be a tough time of year for trees.

Winter is coming soon here on the East Coast, and it can be a tough time of year for trees. Avoiding future problems with your trees by preparing the plants for freezing temperatures before winter comes. Ongoing tree care during the coldest months protects your trees even further. Follow these steps to prepare your trees for cold weather and keep them healthy until spring.

Clean Up Debris to Help Avoid Tree Damage and Disease

Messy leaves, fallen limbs, and scattered pine cones are all unsightly. Debris from trees could also spread plant diseases. A few insects, fungi, and other types of plant killers overwinter in leaf piles and fallen limbs. Clean up all tree debris around your trees to help create a more sanitary living environment for each of the plants. Any infections or insect infestations in tree matter will also be less likely to migrate to healthy trees once you remove dead branches and other fallen debris from the tree bases. Yard cleanup in fall can help you spot tiny seedlings that sprout from acorns and other types of tree sands. When spring comes, your fall cleanup efforts means less work pulling up baby trees you do not want all around your landscape.

Water Trees to Insulate Them and Warm the Soil

Water insulates the inside of trees during the cold winter months. Tree experts advise property owners to help water their trees well in the fall to fully hydrate your plants. Make sure to water trees from the trunk to the outer edge of the leaves, water them slowly, and water at a rate of ten gallons per inch of trunk diameter. It’s not a bad idea to water trees in the dead of winter as well. Winter watering helps keep tree roots strong and supple; water the trees during middle and late winter when your cold-weather climate is dry.

Add Mulch to Insulate and Preventing Moisture Loss

A layer of mulch around the base of your tree helps keep the soil moist by preventing the water evaporation of water around your tree’s roots. Mulch will also help insulate the soil around roots to keep your soil frozen. If soil warms up too much from abundant winter sunlight, trees also risk root damage and winter die-back from breaking dormancy a bit too early.

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