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Common Tree Disease Treatments to Strongly Consider Using

Common Tree Disease Treatments to Strongly Consider Using

When a tree disease affects your plants, it is important to recognize and treat the condition as soon as you can by calling in the experts.

Keeping trees healthy by ensuring enough nutrients, water, and sunlight is tough work. When tree diseases affect your plants, it is important to recognize and treat the condition as soon as you can by calling in tree disease experts. An illness affecting one tree could spread to your nearby trees, and a few infections could be fatal. Read on to learn about some common tree disease treatments you should strongly consider using!

Removing or Pruning Damaged Parts

Pruning and cutting or removing parts of a tree is one of the most efficient methods for treating tree disease. Timely pruning could keep fungi or other diseases from spreading to the trunk and other vital parts of the tree.

  • You could remove leaves with galls or growths that spread fungal spores for specific fungal infections.
  • Treat black knot disease by pruning infected branches or twigs.
  • Treat powdery by removing tree parts with mildew’s powdery, white residue or pruning infected leaves that might turn yellow or brown.
  • You can treat citrus gall wasps by simply pruning swollen branches.

Chemical Tree Disease Treatment Methods

Natural tree disease treatments could help cure several conditions, especially if the disease ends up caught early. More stubborn or longer-lasting tree diseases, however, might need chemical treatments. Chemicals could kill infections or stop diseases from recurring next season. Any copper-based fungicides are excellent at treating tree illnesses, like:

  • Powdery mildew
  • Anthracnose
  • Shoot fungus
  • Cedar-apple rust
  • Needle blight

Chemicals such as sulfur and ferarimol could also be effective in fungicides.

Tree Removal Services

If an illness affects a tree’s root systems or spreads throughout it, it could sometimes end up fatal. In that case, removing the entire tree is the best way to treat tree disease. When oak trees get oak wilt, a fungus spread by sap beetles, the fungus could spread through the root systems. Removing the infected tree, including the stump and roots, is the only efficient way to make sure the infection does not pass to any other trees. Cypress canker is one other tree disease that might spread through branches to infect an entire tree. Once the tree is affected, a crew of professionals should remove it whole. You can count on Harford Tree to do precisely that!

Tree Care and Maintenance from Harford Tree

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