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Can You Save a Diseased Tree?

Can You Save a Diseased Tree?

Diseased trees have lots of potential dangers associated with them.

Trees are a massively important part of every ecosystem that they reside in. Even on your relatively small piece of property (small compared to the whole planet, at least), your trees play a vital role, providing food and habitat, shading your buildings, increasing curb appeal, and securing soil against erosion. Diseased trees, on the other hand, have lots of potential dangers associated with them. First, diseased and dying trees are unsightly, which can actually hurt your curb appeal. They are also a potential liability – if you have a diseased or dying tree that you don’t take care of and it falls or loses a limb on someone or something, you could be liable for the damage or injury. So, if you do have a tree that is diseased, is your only recourse to chop it down? Actually, no! Many tree diseases can be treated by a knowledgeable professional. Read on to learn more about diseased trees and how your diseased tree can potentially be saved. 

Signs Of Disease

there are almost as many different types of disease and damage for trees as there are types of trees, and different trees exhibit different symptoms, depending on the disease. Generally, however, most trees are showing signs of disease if you are seeing any of these classic symptoms:

  • Dying leaves
  • Lack of foliage
  • Abundance of dead wood
  • Increase in pest activity
  • Fungus growth
  • Bark shedding

Diagnosing Problems

If you’ve noticed sings that you think indicate a diseased tree, it is time to call in the tree care experts. Different types of disease require different treatments and you need a tree care professional to help you with diagnosing. There can often be several different potential underlying causes of your tree becoming diseased (from insect activity to overwatering), and a professional can help you sort that out.  Make sure that the professionals you reach out to are informed and knowledgeable about your area and the type of tree you have, and don’t ever be afraid to ask them questions. They care about your trees almost as much as you do, and sharing their knowledge will help you to keep your trees healthy.

Types Of Treatments

the treatment that is right for your tree will depend on the type of disease and the underlying cause of it. This is more complicated than just seeing that the leaves are dying and choosing a related treatment. A tree care professional is necessary to make sure that you are choosing the right treatment. The most common treatments, however, include fungicide, pest removal, and changes to your tree care routine. 

Reasons For Removal

In some cases, the best thing for the tree might be to completely remove it. This is never anyone’s first choice, but when trees don’t respond to treatment, it might, unfortunately, be the only option.

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