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Fun Trees That Can Raise Your Property Value

Fun Trees That Can Raise Your Property Value

By adding a few good-lookin’ trees to your landscape, you will seriously raise your property value.

How’s this for a no-brainer? By adding a few good-lookin’ trees to your lawnscape, you stand in one fell swoop to make a positive environmental contribution, become the belle of the neighborhood yard-ball—and boost your home’s value significantly!

…Plus, picking fun trees is highly likely to result in the distinct having of fun.

Read along below for some of our favorite tree to give your home an all-around sprucing up. (Sorry, sorry… No more puns.)

Japanese Maple: A Brush of Sophistication!

The Japanese Maple is a captivating ornamental that effortlessly lends that particular “refined” vibe to any home. Its foliage is the real showstopper here, boasting a stunning range of color from vibrant red to deep purple. This beautiful tree is perfect for small yards, as it typically grows to a max height between 10 and 15 feet. …However, like any tree, it’ll need some TreeLC (-I apologize for nothing!)—most critically, the trimming upkeep to facilitate “self-maintenance” of its shape and health throughout maturity.

Cedar Trees: Durability and Beauty!

Another great tree choice. Known—vaunted!—for their durability and disease resistance, cedar trees also tend to function as an effective natural wind barrier, all the while providing year-round gawk-worthy greenery with their lush leafiness. Keep in mind, though, that these arboreal wonders can grow… quite large (reaching heights of up to 80 feet!), so hiring a professional for their care and maintenance is always a good move, as is pre-planting consultation.

Red Oak: A Sturdy, Striking Addition!

For a strong, imposing (-y’know, in a good way) presence on your property, a Red Oak is certainly well-suited to play the part. -This tree is robust, but such status is delicately complemented by stunning foliage which transforms from an emerald greenish in the summer to ruby reddish in the fall. With a whopping potential height of up to 100 feet, a Red Oak tree can become a fairly prominent feature of your landscape… This has major potential for boosting both value and grandeur to your home—just make sure you’re prepared/compatible! (To that end: highly advisable to reach out to a tree pro for guidance.)

Magnolia Trees: Elegance in Bloom!

Magnolia trees are easily recognizable for their great big white flowers, which incidentally exude a lovely fragrance along with all the beauty and enchantment and whatnot. These trees are, in a word, stunning; in another, sizable, capable of reaching the 70-foot mark. Thanks to the exceptionally long blooming period of their famous flowers, Magnolia trees afford a year-round display of pastoral perfection, a delightful addition to any property-owner seeking to raise its value, along with their (i.e., the human being’s) spirits (i.e., the resultant/reliable source of mood elevation. -No one’s trying to raise the dead here, okay? Seems like more of Weeping Willow job…).

A Few Considerations

While planting trees can indeed raise your property value, there are a couple important factors to consider before making (and acting upon) any final decisions. Be cognizant of the size and location of the tree in relation to your home, neighboring properties, utility lines, etc. Additionally, the whole hypothetical range of maintenance requirements and any potential impact on other landscaping elements need to be taken into account.

Closing Thoughts

Adding trees to your property not only enhances its value but also contributes to a more pleasant, more eco-friendly, -a more fun (!) environment. By carefully choosing the right trees—and ensuring their proper care, of course—you can enjoy the benefits of an enriched landscape as well as that financial landfall whenever time-to-sell arrive. So, go on, plant yourself a tree! 

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