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What is Making My Tree’s Leaves Turn Brown?

What is Making My Tree’s Leaves Turn Brown?
What if your tree’s leaves are starting to turn brown in the summer or spring?

Browning leaves are usually seen in the chillier months, as trees are more susceptible to frost damage that could discolor the foliage. This does not always indicate that your tree itself is starting to die, but it might temporarily alter your tree’s look and appearance until warmer temperatures come around and the ground becomes moist. But, what if your tree’s leaves are starting to turn brown in the summer or spring? Here are a few common causes of this tree discoloration occurring in the warmer temperatures.

Disease or Pests

A variety of different insect species utilize trees and their foliage for food or shelter. Most will only have a milder impact on your trees, but others can do a lot of damage that is noticeable in leaves and the tree’s trunk. Treating your tree for disease and pests is possible, but it is important to narrow down the precise cause of discoloration first. Whether this means visibly identifying which kind of pests are infesting your trees or having a Maryland certified tree care expert inspect your trees to figure out the disease it has, there is usually a spray treatment out there that can help treat your tree’s specific problem.

Exposed to Too Much Sunlight  

This is known as “leaf scorch,” tree leaves can turn brown during the spring and summer due to extreme sunlight exposure. This condition is aggravated easily by additional factors that make your tree more vulnerable to the sun, which include:

  • Over-fertilization
  • Root damage
  • Strong gusts of wind
  • Dehydration

Trees are much more susceptible to leaf scorch when they’re young, so planting trees before and after summer in a spot with partial shade is a good idea for avoiding leaves due to exposure to the sunlight.


Insufficient watering is one other cause of browning leaves in trees that could be avoided and treated quite easily. Young and newly planted trees are in need of watering, too, so making sure the soil at the base of your trees sees enough moisture is essential. Setting up some irrigation system for your trees or watering with a hose on an everyday basis will help them stay hydrated during the warmer months of the year and prevent browning due to hot temperatures and drought.

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