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Trees That Could Boost Your Property Value

Trees That Could Boost Your Property Value

You can expect new trees to help improve the value of your home in many ways.

Planting new trees around a property is one of the most cost-effective ways to add some value and boost curb appeal. It doesn’t just boost the aesthetics of your home (although it certainly will do that); you can also expect new trees to help improve the value of your home in other ways, like creating some shade around an outdoor lounge area or helping attract some wildlife and establish a real ecosystem around your property. When it comes to adding value to your home’s estimated worth, we have a few favorite trees we like to recommend as a starting point.

Cedar Trees

These kinds of trees are a classic for a reason and they can certainly help add some value to your home. They’re also known for being durable and resistant to diseases, so any potential buyers of your property will be happy knowing that they aren’t in for much maintenance. Cedar can help break the wind and give you lush, year-round foliage. 

Just remember that cedar trees will grow to be huge if taken care of properly. Some even get up to 80 feet tall, so when you do need to trim them or otherwise care for your cedar, you may need to bring a professional into the mix.

Red Oak

Looking for something that’s ridiculously strong and sturdy? Consider red oak, which makes for a great addition to just about any property you can imagine. Red oak is instantly recognizable due to its stunning foliage, which goes from lush green during the summer to a reddish hue once fall rolls around. These trees can get tall as well, sometimes reaching up to over 100 feet when they grow enough!


When it comes to lasting beauty, you want to bring magnolia trees into the mix. Their big, white flowers can help elevate a property and make it feel more elegant than ever. At their tallest, they can get up to 70 feet tall. Despite the impressive height, you’re still more likely to notice their long-lasting, beautiful flowers that should persist throughout the year, meaning more beauty and more value for your property.

Japanese Maple

This ornamental tree helps bring some sophistication to any landscape. It has reliably eye-catching foliage that offers a range of beautiful colors, including vibrant reds and deep purples. Consider this option if you have a small yard. Unlike our other options, the Japanese maple will only grow to around 10 or 15 feet. That also means it’s easier to trim it even once it reaches full height.

Tree Care and Maintenance from Harford Tree

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