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The Top Tree Planting Myths to Avoid

Tree Planting
You may want to take advantage of this lovely weather to get some tree planting done. Just be sure to avoid these common myths!

Planting trees is a great way to provide extra shade to your lawn, help your local ecosystem, and boost the look of your property. There are plenty of rules of thumb out there when it comes to choosing tree species, planting, and maintaining your trees throughout the year, but there are also a few myths out there. Keep professional tree planting tips in mind when planning and planting your landscaping, and avoid some common gardening mistakes and myths. Here are the top tree planting myths to avoid.

Prune Living Branches Before Planting

Some people believe that you should prune living branches from a tree before planting it in order to balance the crown with the roots. However, this can remove energy from the tree. When branches die off, nutrient and energy reserves naturally retreat back into the body of the tree. Pruning living branches can deprive the tree of these nutrients without giving them time to retreat into the tree.

Deep Planting Encourages Deep Roots

Another common tree planting myth is that you should plant trees as deeply as possible in order to encourage the roots to grow deeply. But if the roots are too deep, they may not be able to reach water and nutrients higher up in the soil. If they survive, they’ll simply grow upwards. This can cause cracks in asphalt and roots to grow through the surface in your lawn.

Tight Bracing Will Help Trees Grow Sturdy

You may find that many people tightly brace their trees after planting. Though some people believe this will help trees grow sturdier, it can actually impede the growth. If your trees do need to be braced, they should still be able to sway. This movement stimulates proteins in the plant cells to bond with calcium, leading to a stronger, healthier tree.

Use Lots of Mulch

While mulch is a great way to insulate the soil and promote healthy root growth, be careful not to use too much. Excessive mulch can make soil drainage and aeration difficult. Lay about 3-4 inches of mulch and keep an eye on your tree to make sure that the roots aren’t growing into the mulch. This can indicate the layer is too thick.

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