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The Best Trees to Consider Planting Near Your Pool

Thinking about planting trees near your pool? Make sure you pick the right kinds that won’t cause any issues.

There are many wonderful benefits to having your own pool right outside your door. You have easy access to a beautiful place to relax and exercise. And for many people, the pool doesn’t seem complete without a huge tree shading at least part of it. But the trouble with trees is that they drop debris that can add to your maintenance tasks and possibly damage your pool equipment. They also grow both above and below ground and if you choose a variety that gets too big, like an oak, the roots may eventually damage your liner or concrete. If you’re set on having a tree near your pool, you’re going to need to do your research, and you should definitely consider these three types of trees.

Spruce or Cyprus

These evergreen varieties have a lot going for them when it comes to poolside landscaping. They tend to grow fairly fast and they also grow very thick foliage. This makes them ideal for providing privacy for your pool area or blocking out unwanted sights or noise from outside. They also hold on to their needles for a while, usually a few years, so there is little shed to worry about.


There’s a reason that one variety of Acacia is called Cousin Itt – the leaves on these interesting evergreens look like hair. The willow-like silhouette they provide will look beautiful around your pool, and you won’t have to worry about their root structure being drawn towards the water (like an actual willow would) since they require very little water. They don’t shed much so the leaves will not be a problem for your filters either. Finally, and perhaps best of all, they provide exceptional shade.

Windmill Palms

The windmill palm is an extremely hardy evergreen that was originally native to China and parts of India but has gained considerable popularity here. It is a beautiful, tropical looking tree, with a dense crown of fanlike fronds atop a tall trunk. While it does better in warmer climate (zones 8-11), it is hardy into zone 6 and the windmill palm actually does fairly well in containers, so it could also do well in our area if you bring it indoors during the winter. The best things about the windmill palm are that they grow quickly and they don’t drop a lot of debris, making them ideal for pool landscaping.

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