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Simple Tree Planting Steps to Consider

Simple Tree Planting Steps to Consider

Tree planting is an excellent way to help the environment.

If you want to help the environment at home, planting a tree is a perfect place to start. Just planting one tree will benefit the environment for years. Trees clean the air, filter water, offset carbon output, create shade, give animals shelter, and enrich the soil. And that’s just a few of the many benefits of trees. Tree planting is an excellent way to help the environment. Here are some simple steps for planting trees.

Select the Perfect Spot for Your Tree

First, choose a tree that will grow well in your climate and region. Also, consider how tall the tree will grow and its root system. You’ll want to ensure it has plenty of room for the canopy and root system to mature without interfering with any other plants, walkways, or structures. Visit your local tree nursery to find the best species of tree to plant.

Dig the Tree Planting Hole

When digging the hole, it should be square rather than round. It’s best to dig the hole deep enough to fit the root ball, or maybe an inch deeper. One of the biggest reasons new trees do not survive is being planted too deep. Keep digging out the sides until the hole is about three times as wide as the root ball’s diameter. Measure your hole again before moving on to the next step. 

Trim the Roots

Some trees that have been sitting in the nursery for too long, can have dead roots or branches. If this is the case, carefully trim the dead parts to give your new tree a better chance of survival. 

Plant the Tree

Your tree has only one chance to be planted properly, so ensure the depth and position are correct before filling the hole. The root flare should lie above the surface. If it is too low or too high, lift the tree out and add or remove soil as necessary. Rotate the tree to keep major branches away from walkways or buildings. Hold it upright and fill in with soil around the root ball. Then, gently pat down the soil around the root ball with a shovel to eliminate air pockets.

Backfill the Hole

Gently add the soil you removed back into the hole without tamping down or packing, which can cause damage to the fragile roots. Watering the tree will help the ground to settle. It’s important to only add the same soil back into the hole without any fertilizer.  

Water the Tree

Trees prefer a good soaking over more frequent sprinklings. Water your tree weekly with 6-8 gallons per inch of trunk diameter for the first couple of years. After a couple of years, you can stop watering the tree altogether unless drought conditions are present.

Tree Care and Maintenance from Harford Tree

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