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How Trees Could Damage Your Home

How Trees Could Damage Your Home

There are many ways that trees could potentially damage your home, especially when they’re not properly cared for.

Trees are beautiful, amazing, vitally important parts of our ecosystem. It makes sense that humans enjoy filling their spaces with them, since they provide so many incredible benefits, from shade to oxygen. Many people who set out to buy a new home actually look for homes with established trees already on the property – imagining enjoying the shade or hanging a swing without having to take on the expense of planting the tree themselves or waiting for it to grow. The reasons that people love trees are many and important, but equally important is the realistic knowledge that a tree on your property could potentially be a danger and a liability. There are many ways that trees could potentially damage your home, especially when those trees are not properly cared for. Read on to educate yourself about these potential dangers of trees.

By Falling

The most commonly known danger of trees is when they fall, or when parts of them fall. Typically, this happens either due to severe weather or because the tree is dead, diseased, or damaged. This is why any part of the tree that is dead or damaged needs to be safely removed. If you don’t take care of it and it falls on your house, car, or on someone, you would be liable. While dead trees are most at risk, even totally healthy trees can fall over if the weather is severe enough, and while you are less likely to be held liable for it, the danger and damage are still an important consideration. 

By Attracting Pests

Another risk of trees is that critters and bugs love to make trees their home. While the squirrels, owls, birds, and other animals might be something you enjoy about the tree, they also can potentially cause damage, including building nests in your chimneys or attacking small pets. Bugs also love trees, so an established tree might make it more likely that you have to deal with bees or termites that live in it.

By Root Intrusion

When we think about the strength of trees, we often don’t think about the strength of the roots, but tree roots are incredible. They can dig through compacted dirt, stretching out from the trunk in search of water and minerals, holding the rest of the tree steady and secure. When those roots do reach out though, they can potentially cause huge damage. They can crack and break pipes, especially water and sewage pipes. They can also impact building foundations by upsetting and unsettling the soil under them. If you think that your tree’s roots might be causing issues, root care services can help.

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