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Signs that Indicate Its Time to Remove a Dead Tree

Signs that Indicate Its Time to Remove a Dead Tree
A tree’s health can decline rapidly and create dangerous hazards to its surrounding area.

Do you have trees planted throughout your property? Trees are beautiful additions to any piece of land. They add privacy, shade, and, most importantly – beauty – to any front or backyard. Unfortunately, a tree’s health can decline rapidly and create dangerous hazards to its surrounding area. We’ve got several tips for spotting out a hazardous or dead tree, but the best thing you can do if you’re unsure is to call the professionals from Harford Tree for a risk assessment. An expert arborist will know exactly how to assess disease and other problems that start to show up on a tree. Even if a tree seems healthy, unpredictable weather can turn it into a hazard quickly. Here are a handful of things to keep an eye out for when looking for signs of a dead tree.

Signs Within the Leaves

Have you noticed your tree hasn’t been producing leaves over the last few seasons? Or perhaps the cover has become thinner, not providing the shade that it did before. These are signs that a tree could be dying or already dead. If you have a lot of trees, you might notice that one is losing its leavers a bit earlier than the others. Take a look at the fallen leaves and look for any signs of abnormality. A professional will be able to see any diseases and other conditions that a dead tree could be suffering from.

Signs in the Branches

Most people think looking for a leaning trunk is the most vital sign that it’s becoming a hazard. They fail to look at any dying branches, which could fall off and hurt people or damage property underneath. Most dead branches, whether all over the tree or just in one single spot, is a sign of trouble for the tree as a whole. Not only are they at serious risk for falling off, but this could also be a bigger issue that will worsen over time.

The Trunk Has Plenty to Tell

Looking at the trunk of your tree can tell you plenty about its health. Cracks and splits in the trunk, missing bark, and cavities could lead to signs of decay; or a dead tree. After inspecting your tree’s trunk for these signs, it is critical to contact a professional tree care service to determine which steps to make next. It may be necessary to remove your tree before it loses all stability.

Tree Care and Maintenance from Harford Tree

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