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Tree Removal Signs: What to Look Out For

Tree Removal Signs: What to Look Out For
While some trees might need to be pruned and trimmed, others might need to be removed entirely.

No matter what the season is, if you have trees on your property, you will have to maintain them as the years pass by. While some trees might need to be pruned and trimmed, others might need to be removed entirely. That is why Harford Tree would like to give you the following signs and symptoms to keep an eye out for to make the right decision for tree removal. If you see any of the following signs, do not hesitate to call Harford Tree to come help out with the tree removal process!

The Obvious Tree Removal Indications

If a tree is dead or in exceptionally poor condition, then it might be wise to have it removed. Symptoms and signs of a dead or dying tree include a lack of foliage and dry, weak branches. If your property’s trees are irreparable due to past storm damage, it should be removed. While storm damage can usually be dealt with by pruning smaller damaged spots, large open wounds to the main trunk could lead to overall tree failure. When a tree develops a sudden lean, it might have to be removed to protect the safety of everyone and everything nearby. Leaning trees are especially dangerous, and tree removal is necessary. Also, when a tree causes property damage because of its sap, needles, and leaves, it might be wise to have it completely removed. Sap can do plenty of damage to your car’s paint and even cause mildew to grow on top of your roof.

Not So Obvious Tree Removal Indications

Keep in mind that you might not always be able to tell if a tree on your property needs removal just by peeping at it. Some additional symptoms might indicate a dangerous tree that requires tree removal. If a tree on your property is sick or has become infested with pesky insects, you might have to remove it for the safety of the people and trees nearby. If the main trunk of a tree is compromised or damaged, then its no longer safe and has to be removed to prevent property damage, all while ensuring the safety of those nearby.

For any tree removal questions or concerns, call Harford Tree today!

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