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Are You in Need of a Drainage Swale Installation Service?

Swale Installation

Are you in need of swale installation services? If your home’s foundation is at risk, that may be the case.

Not everyone knows what a drainage swale is, why they are so useful, and why drainage swale installation services are so important. Swales are a simple, budget friendly means of maintaining your foundation that can be a huge benefit to many homes. If you’re unsure as to whether or not you need a drainage swale, read on and find out more about what exactly drainage swale installation entails.

What is Swale Installation?

Sometimes foundation drainage swales are called other things, like vegetated swales or grass swales, but it’s really just a wide shallow ditch that can move a lot of water from rain, sprinklers, and whatever else might be coming your way. This is hugely beneficial for people who have well-maintained landscapes that may have excessive water at times. They’re also not very noticeable due to their wide, shallow design that keeps them out of plain sight. In terms of drainage systems, a swale may be the cheapest, easiest option for many homeowners.

Do You Need One?

It’s easy to test if you need a swale—wait until an hour after rainfall and see if you have standing water within 10 feet of your home’s foundation. This indicates a problem in that standing water can cause soil to expand which, over time, can put pressure on your foundation and cause extensive damage that would be much more difficult and costly to repair. Instead, install a drainage swale which is an almost maintenance free option that blends into your landscape and looks fantastic.

How to Maintain Your Swale

Thankfully, maintenance is as easy as maintaining the rest of your lawn. It can be mowed and watered just like the rest of your lawn. You do want to occasionally check and make sure that nothing is blocking the flow of water as it is funneled onto the street or down a drain. If you perform this simple maintenance, it should prevent your home’s foundation from developing some major issues.

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