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How to Master Tree Care

How to Master Tree Care

There are three major steps that you need to know about and understand for tree care.

Maintaining a beautiful and healthy yard can be a lot of work. Often when people think about and plan what they need to do to keep their plants healthy, they focus only on the garden and perhaps any ornamental plants that they have. It is easy to forget about the trees since these beautiful giants tend to be pretty self-sufficient. Luckily, becoming a tree health expert (okay, perhaps expert is too strong a word, so at least becoming comfortable with your tree care skills) is easy. There are three major steps that you need to know about and understand. Read on to learn more. 


You probably fertilize your plants when you plant them in your garden and you may even fertilize your lawn, but how regularly do you fertilize your trees? Fertilizing is as important for your trees as for anything else in your yard. The key nutrients in fertilizer – Nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium – are key components in the process of photosynthesis, and while they are usually pulled from the soil, they can leach out over time. This is why even old, established trees benefit from fertilizer. 

Protection From Insects

Preventing the infestation of insects is the best way to protect your trees from them, and to do that you need to commit to regular treatments. If you do have an infestation that gets out of hand, call in the professionals. Don’t risk your tree by trying to save money with a DIY.

Protection From Disease

Finally, it is not just pests that you have to protect your tress from it is also disease. And frankly, disease is a much bigger problem for large plants like trees than for smaller garden plants. Consider this, if you have several tomato plants and one succumbs to disease, it is easy to take it out and protect the remaining plants, right. Is it easy to do that with a tree? Not so much, so the several different trees of the same species in your yard could fall (literally and figuratively) to the same disease as it spreads. The key to disease control is early detection (know the signs of disease and be vigilant) and continued treatment. Don’t treat once and forget it. And once you do beat it, keep an eye out for signs that it is coming back and keep your trees as healthy and nourished as possible so they can fight it off.

Professional Tree Service from Harford Tree

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