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How Do You Take Down a Big Tree?

How Do You Take Down a Big Tree?

A big tree can be a big problem and you might feel overwhelmed by the job once you realize it needs to be done.

It’s certainly possible for a big tree to become the centerpiece of a property. However, we also often see large trees that need to be removed, due to the tree dying, disease, or it being in the way of a construction job. A big tree can be a big problem and you might feel overwhelmed by the job once you realize it needs to be done.

Here at Harford Tree, we can help you turn that tree into a small task—just let us know what you need and when you need it done and we can work something out. We have all the experience necessary to tackle a difficult job like this. If you want to know what we think about big tree removal, read on.

Diagnose the Situation

Before any work can even begin, you have to figure out whether or not the tree is safe to remove. There are a number of conditions that play into this including the tree’s health, where it’s located, and any hazards that may be involved. If you’re unsure, this is a good time to bring a professional tree removal service into the picture. 

Create a Plan

After you’re certain that the job can be done safely, it’s time to start thinking about how you’ll actually go about it. You’ll determine how to remove the tree, what equipment will be needed to get the job finished, and figure out any other safety standards that need to be followed while the tree is being removed. 

You’ll also want to take the time to clear any debris or obstacles from the area so that you have enough room to work and the tree can eventually safely fall.

Remove the Tree

Start by removing any large branches that might be in the way, using a chainsaw or wood saw to make clean cuts. Wear gloves when removing those branches and once they’re cleared, you can begin on the trunk. Cut the trunk into sections in order to make it more manageable.

After you’re done cutting, you can use ropers or a pulley system to lower each section down to the ground. Keep a safe distance from anything that might be falling. Once you’re done, clear the area and remove any branches that may have fallen in the process.

Tree Care and Maintenance from Harford Tree

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