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How Animals Can Damage Your Trees in the Winter

How Animals Can Damage Your Trees in the Winter
During the winter, your trees could suffer because of potential damage created by animals in the wild.

Animals are adorable and wonderful. In fact, pets are wonderful companions. However, wild animals are a whole different beast. They can ultimately cause damage to your home and landscape. The reality is, during the winter, your trees could suffer because of potential damage created by animals in the wild. Here are some of the key ways that animals end up ruining your trees as the temperatures begin to cool. 

It’s Bark Rubbing Season

Many animals rely on bark to get them through the winter. In fact, bark rubbing season is what happens in the winter for many animals. As a result, before the temperatures shift to becoming frigid, male deer begin moving so they can partake in rutting season. The reality is, this will mean that deer are roaming freely near a wide array of trees — some will likely include those that reside right outside your home. Therefore, the bark that is lost by animals who need them can lead to damage to your trees overall. 

Other Animal Damage To Your Trees

Besides deer, other animals like squirrels, moles, and other animals can lead to trouble for your trees in the long run. In fact, these types of animals can maneuver their way into your trees which can lead to a wide array of problems down the line. With snow building up quickly in the winter months, animal damage to the bottom of a tree trunk can be incredibly damaging to the health of the tree overall. But, not all animal damage is spotted when it’s too late. With squirrels, their damage is only noticeable in the springtime — after they’ve done the damage. While you may be worried about the damage that’s been done, being mindful and proactive about ensuring no wild animals gain access to your trees can really make all the difference in the lifespan of your trees overall. 

Bottom Line

At the end of the day, hiring an arborist can be a game-changer when it comes to the health of your tree. In fact, they’ll be better at ensuring your tree is free of damage from animals than you could because they have the experience and expertise needed to know what to watch out for before the damage to your tree has settled in. 

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