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Dangers You Can Avoid By Hiring Tree Care Professionals

Dangers You Can Avoid By Hiring Tree Care Professionals

When you trust the tree care professionals at Harford Tree to remove dangerous or dead branches, you can avoid many dangers.

Have you noticed tree branches dangling too close to your home? Are there dead tree branches that must be removed? Whatever your tree trimming needs, it is always best to hire a professional. When you do this work yourself, you risk injuries and making errors that can harm your tree in the long run. When you trust the tree care professionals at Harford Tree to remove dangerous or dead branches, you can avoid the following dangers.


Tree trimming involves working from heights, which means a ladder is necessary to trim most branches. However, ladders are hazardous and can lead to several injuries. Most deaths from ladder falls can occur at 10 feet high or less. Ladder injuries often happen because the person using it does not get on or off the ladder correctly. Other people may lose their balance, take a wrong step, or over-reach while on the ladder. When you hire tree care professionals, they can access bucket trucks, aerial lifts, and other equipment that allows them to work safely. 

Sharp Trimming Tools

To trim trees correctly and quickly, you must use sharp tools like chainsaws, pruning shears, handsaws, hatches, and axes. When you fail to use these tools correctly, they pose a significant safety hazard. For example, you are at risk for kickback injuries when using a chainsaw. Kickback refers to when the chainsaw comes into contact with an object that leads the chainsaw to jerk upward unexpectedly. If you do not have extensive experience with chainsaws or other trimming tools, it is always best to trust a professional. Tree care professionals have extensive knowledge of all tree-cutting tools.

Noisy Machinery 

Noisy machinery used to trim trees can cause significant hearing loss. This is especially true if you are exposed to this machinery for long periods. Any noise over 85 decibels is considered harmful to your hearing, and exposure to sounds over 100 dB for over 15 minutes will damage your hearing. The noise level of most chainsaws is 110 dB. The professionals are equipped with the best hearing protection and can manage the hard work while you stay safe indoors. 

Additional Dangers

Other dangers come with tree trimming. These include working around power lines, coming into contact with poisonous plants, getting hurt by branches or falling debris, and using a wood chipper. If your trees must be trimmed and you want to avoid these many hazards, contact the tree care professionals at Harford Tree for safe, efficient services. 

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