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How Often Should You Trim Your Property’s Trees?

How Often Should You Trim Your Property’s Trees?

In today’s blog, we will explore how often you should have your property’s trees trimmed.

If your property contains trees that could require attention, Harford Tree is here to help! Our team of experts provides comprehensive tree care services to meet each of your needs. We are fully committed to providing excellent services that will prioritize your trees’ safety and health while keeping an eye on your existing budget. In today’s blog, we will explore how often you should have your property’s trees trimmed, the benefits of doing this, and when it may be time to get professional help. Read on to learn more!

One to Five Years for Younger Trees

Younger trees should be trimmed once every one to five years. During this time, our certified arborists will trim away dead or diseased branches, shape the canopy for enhanced sunlight penetration and wind resistance, and perform the general pruning as needed.

Five to Ten Years for Old Trees

As trees start to age, they tend to require pruning less frequently. A tree that is more than five years old could usually go between five to ten years without requiring trimming. During this time, our team of experts will inspect the tree for any possible signs of disease or decay, remove dead tree limbs, and ensure that the growth pattern stays healthy.

Tree Trimming Benefits

Tree trimming helps promote overall health and vitality for your trees. When done correctly, it could also improve the property value by maintaining a clean and tidy look. Also, consistent maintenance could help extend your tree’s life, reduce the risk of falling limbs and branches during storms, and boost the aesthetic appeal of your business or home.

Reasons to Call the Professionals

While it could be tempting to take on a tree trimming project by yourself, it is important to remember that the wrong technique could cause more damage than good. Professional tree services have the experience and true knowledge to safely and efficiently get the job done.

If you need help with any tree trimming services, call Harford Tree today!

Tree Care and Maintenance from Harford Tree

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