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Which Insects Are Building Webs in My Trees?

Which Insects Are Building Webs in My Trees?

Although these web-like nests may look like the result of a spider working hard, they are actually made by insects called webworms.

Have you ever looked up and thought to yourself, what insects are building webs in my tree? If you have recently seen a big web in one of your trees, you may also be curious how big the spider must be that created such a massive nest in such little time. Contrary to popular belief, the webbing that Marylanders notice in trees throughout the state are not built by spiders at all. Although these web-like nests may look like the result of a spider working hard, they are actually made by insects called webworms. These tree pests, despite their name, are caterpillars that build huge nests as they feed on trees. Read on to learn which local tree insects are to blame for these ugly webs and what to do when you notice them in trees on your property.

Webworm Habits and Trees

Fruit trees are the webworm’s perfect place to feed, but there are around one hundred different types of tree species in Maryland where these pests can be found. Marylanders usually spot webworms in the late summer and early autumn. This is due to the seasonal habits of each of these caterpillars, which usually follow this pattern every year:

  • Winter: egg-laying season
  • Spring: egg-hatching season
  • Summer: the feeding season
  • Autumn: the web-creation season

If you notice this webbing on your trees during the spring, there is a good chance the nests belong to some Eastern tent caterpillars. This is an insect that builds nests in trees for shelter during the early spring before spinning any cocoons and emerging as moths a few weeks later.

Are Webworms Dangerous or Harmless to Your Trees?

While webworms don’t often pose a serious threat to any established or grown trees, they can pose a threat to impact the early growth capabilities of younger trees negatively. If these insects inhabit and feed on any younger trees in the early stages of their lives, it can result in a serious leaf loss. If the tree hasn’t had a chance to thrive, leaf loss can be hard to recover from without human intervention. 

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