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What You Should do When Birds Nest in Your Trees

What You Should do When Birds Nest in Your Trees
You will want to be quite careful when dealing with birds nestled up in your trees.

Birds throughout the east coast, and in Maryland specifically, love to nest in trees around residential houses. It is important to be very careful when you spot a bird’s nest, as you do not want to harm the birds themselves or their young while protecting and maintaining your landscape and property’s trees. You will want to be quite careful when dealing with wildlife, especially when they’re nestled up onto your trees. Here are some helpful tips on safely dealing with a bird’s nest in your property’s trees.

Figure Out If the Nest is Currently Active

Do not approach or even try to remove a nest right away. Look to see whether or not there are birds currently living inside the nest. Use some binoculars if required, and keep an eye on the nest for a handful of days. Note whether there is any activity and, if there is, whether there’s baby birds inside.

Identify What the Nest is Made Of

Do you happen to recognize any of the components of the bird’s nest? Different types of birds use different materials to create their nests, and handling the nest can be much easier if you are able to identify what the nest is made up of. Common items are:

  • Sticks
  • Grass
  • Mud
  • Moss
  • Feathers

Identify Which Type of Bird is Nesting There

It’s unlawful to disturb the nest of specific birds in a lot of spots, even if they’re nesting in a tree on your property. If a protected species of bird is nestled up in your tee, you could be fined or penalized if you mess around with or remove the nest. Just keep this in mind before taking any drastic actions with the bird’s nest.

Get in Touch with Your Local Arborist

If you are unsure or whether or not the bird’s nest is harming the tree on your property, call Harford Tree. We are certified experts in tree health and maintenance and have the certified arborists to help you with any questions or services you need regarding your property’s trees.

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