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What to Do When a Large Tree Falls onto Your Property

Here are the essential steps to take if a large tree has fallen onto your home or property.

Since we are now entering the hot summer months, storms are about to be frequent. Rainstorms, thunderstorms, and windstorms can make the news, but they can also disrupt our homes by knocking down some of our property’s trees. When this does happen, the safest thing to do is call a tree care company, like Harford Tree. If you haven’t ever dealt with a fallen tree before, or even if you have, here are the essential steps to take if a large tree has fallen onto your home or property.

My Neighbor’s Tree Fell onto My House

It doesn’t matter whose tree it was. What matters now is whose property it’s on. That is the person who will be in charge of hiring a tree removal service to remove the tree. That person will have to hire the tree service and arrange some payment through their insurance if your tree fell onto your neighbor’s property, it’s their problem and vice-versa. That being said, a respectful neighbor shouldn’t have to take the entire fall for what is generally considered an act of god. Most neighbors will do what they can to make amends with their neighbors—making it right could mean splitting the costs or taking care of any out of pocket costs your neighbor has for the tree removal.

Who to Call if a Large Tree falls in the Road

If the area has a lot of foot or road traffic, block off the area to limit the risk of somebody getting hurt from the hazardous fallen tree. Whatever you have on hand is better than nothing at all. This is a bad situation that’s only made worse by someone getting hurt on your property. Consider putting up some signs as well.

Check all the Power Lines

From a distance, observe if your power lines are affected. If they are, it might be smart to either turn off your power or unplug your expensive electronics. Most modern electronics are surge protected, so it’s less of a factor, but it’s still something to consider.

Call in the Professionals

As mentioned earlier, the best thing you can do in this situation is by calling in the pros. The tree removal company will likely ask for photos so they can assess the situation first. Once they arrive, they should be able to handle all of the fallout from there.

Tree Care and Maintenance from Harford Tree

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