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What Exactly is a Swale and How Can It Prevent Yard Flooding?

What Exactly is a Swale and How Can It Prevent Yard Flooding?
If you maintain your swale and other drainage vehicles on your property, then you can prevent flooding.

Its winter right now, so rainfall isn’t all too frequent. However, once spring is here, the forecast will call for a lot more rain. If you maintain your swale and other drainage vehicles on your property, then you can prevent flooding and the potential damage that it can bring. Let’s discuss what exactly a swale is why its so crucial to keeping your property dry.

Swale: The Definition

A swale is a depression made in the ground that carries rainwater away from your property. It does this with the power of gravity. How does the water get into the swale? Well, a swale is designed to collect any rainwater on your property, and the only real way to do this without a pump is with gravity flow. Therefore, a swale collects any water by being the lowest point in each landscape and then is pitched to wherever you want that water to go. When we say pitched, we mean the ground is then sloped to allow the water to roll downhill within the swale.

Swale Designs

So how do we know where precisely the swale should go and how wide it should be? A certified expert or civil engineer usually designs the overall drainage of each lot in a modern subdivision. The engineer or expert then places the lot elevations and drainage onto a plot plan. This plot plan shows any swales, key elevations, yard drains, and house location and elevations (amongst other things). This plot plan design will incorporate the design of the community all into each lot. So, each lot then works together to drain the whole site by trying the swales together. Where do they terminate, you may ask? They’re typically designed and installed to deliver surface groundwater to a catch basin or storm drain.

Swale Installation and Maintenance

As a homeowner, how do you make sure the swale works the right way? If you are not building a home, the grading contractor will install the swales. This is done with a bulldozer and laser level to make sure proper pitch is achieved. Make sure to give a copy of the plot plan to the landscaper too. A swale installation is one of the best ways to ensure your landscape is in proper shape once the rain comes falling.

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