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Tree Planting Rules to Follow This Spring

Tree Planting Rules to Follow This Spring

Not only does tree planting contribute to a better and more beautiful environment, but it has multiple benefits.

Spring’s arrival brings a true renewed sense of growth and life, making it the perfect time for planting trees. After the cold winter months, the warmer temperatures and increased sunlight create the ideal conditions for trees to truly thrive. Not only does tree planting contribute to a better and more beautiful environment, but it has multiple benefits, like improving air quality, providing shade, and reducing energy bills. Read on to learn about the most important tree planting rules to follow this spring!

Pick the Right Tree

Picking the suitable tree species is the first main rule for successfully planting trees. The choice will really depend on a few factors, including the local climate, the type of soil you’re using, and the space available for the tree to grow. For example, if you live in Maryland, then native trees like the Eastern Redbud or American Holly could be suitable options.

Pick the Right Location

The spot of the tree plays a significant role in its survival and growth. Consider the following factors:

  • The amount of sunlight
  • Soil moisture and drainage
  • Space for the tree to grow and develop its root system

Once you’ve found a suitable location, prepare the ground by removing weeds or grass and digging a hole big enough for the tree’s root ball to fit entirely.

Plant at the Proper Depth

Planting depth is another important aspect to consider during your spring tree planting. If you plant a tree too deep, it could suffocate its roots, leading to improper growth or even death. Conversely, if you plant it too shallow, the roots might not establish correctly, making the tree unstable. The rule of thumb is to plant a tree at the same depth it was growing at in its nursery pot, for bare-root trees, or to the depth of the soil mark on the trunk. The wider the hole, the better, and this gives the roots room to spread and establish properly.

Properly Water and Mulch After Planting the Trees

After planting the trees, it is important to water it thoroughly. This actually helps settle the soil around the roots and provides the tree with the hydration it needs to grow correctly. Keep watering it regularly, especially during dry spells of weather.

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