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Tips on Watering Your Landscape This Summer


Trying to landscape can be difficult in dry summer weather, so follow these tips to keep your plants looking lively.

Summer can be a dangerous time for your landscape, as you need to know how to properly care for all of your precious plants or they can get too dry and die. Knowing when and how much to water your landscape can be the difference between making it flourish beautifully or wasting your time. Strategic watering can save you from getting yourself a headache. Here are some tips for how to water your landscape to keep it looking fresh and perfect.

Walking the Space

You need to take the time to walk around your landscaped area and get to know your plants. Different areas will bring about their own unique challenges. Some are well-shaded while others are exposed to the sun, whereas some areas are drier than others. Each space will have its own unique needs that you must find ways to approach, so the most critical part of watering your landscape is figuring out what its needs are.

Checking Soil

Soil is a huge part of having a successful landscape. You’ll want to touch the soil and see if it’s dry or wet, that way you know how much to water it. If you notice any of your plants beginning to wilt, scratch the soil at the base of the plant to tell whether it has been over or under watered. The soil can tell you quite a bit about whether or not your landscape has properly been watered!

Watch Water Usage

You don’t want to either overwater or underwater your plants. Either one can contribute to unhealthy and unhappy plants that will make your landscaping look drab. Runoff from unmonitored and poor watering is a major source of pollution as well, so you really want to be careful with how much water you’re using. Find the time to make regular trips out to your landscaped area to figure out if it needs more or less watering.

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