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The Benefits of a Professional Tree Root Removal

The Benefits of a Professional Tree Root Removal

A professional tree root removal service has many benefits for properly resetting your property.

A substantial change to a property’s trees takes time, effort, planning, and specialized equipment. Cutting down trees to clear the land or make space for new plants leaves behind stumps. So, should you leave tree roots on your property? The answer is “no.” 

A professional tree root removal service has many benefits for properly resetting your property. The tree root removal process is labor-intensive, leaves a gaping hole, and needs specialized equipment and expertise. For that reason, we recommend hiring a certified team of arborists. 

Harford Tree Experts & Landscaping Inc. is that team. Here are the benefits of professional tree root removal.

Consider Stump Grinding First

If stumps are still on a property, it’s vital to remove them for several reasons. If you leave them around, they could be tripping hazards. Also, decaying stumps attract pests and mold, such as termites and carpenter ants, which can spread to surrounding trees or structures such as homes and businesses. 

Abandoned stumps can also produce new shoots that need to be removed. Stump grinding has several advantages, such as eco-friendliness, because it causes less shock to surrounding trees sharing resources with the tree via the mycelial network between root systems. 

Stump grinding is less costly and doesn’t cause as much damage to the turf because it doesn’t produce as large a hole. On the other hand, tree root removal might be the better option. 

When is Tree Root Removal the Better Option? 

This process is best when replanting or reseeding isn’t an option. Other appropriate scenarios include the following: 

  • When stumps are in the way of new construction: As new construction begins, clearing the land of stumps and roots is essential for foundations, pipes, and wires. Otherwise, tree roots left in the ground can cause damage to the structures above them, resulting in high repair costs in the future. 
  • If the roots prevent proper drainage or block sewer lines: Blocked sewer lines cause plumbing issues. Therefore, removing tree roots is crucial to ensure adequate drainage. If you keep tree roots intact, sewage can back up or accumulate in buildings or leech into the ground causing substantial cleanup efforts and hazards. 
  •  Disease, decay, or overcrowding: Tree root removal is typically the only option when a significant part of the roots need to be removed. In these cases, grinding down the stump won’t be sufficient because it could leave behind diseased pieces or decayed matter that could spread to other trees. It could even lead to an uneven landscape because of the remaining roots. 

Why Hire Harford Tree Experts? 

We have the specialized tools and machinery to complete the job safely and effectively. The tools we use include mattocks, diggers, and machetes or heavier equipment such as crosscut saws, stump grinders, and chain saws. Sometimes, tractors or backhoes might be necessary to remove tree roots entirely. 

Another part of removing tree roots is softening the soil around them. We can apply chemicals such as potassium nitrate to access and remove the tree root system more efficiently. We know how to use these chemicals safely. 

Finally, we’ll walk you through aftercare because removing a root system can leave behind a hole much larger than the diameter of the tree that used to be there. The area might need fertilizer, topsoil, and grass seed infusion. 

Contact us today to learn more about professional tree root removal benefits. Our certified arborists will walk you through the following steps. 

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