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How to Pick the Right Tree for a Treehouse


Building a treehouse while the weather is still decent? Make sure you follow these tips.

Summer is quickly ending but there’s still time to take advantage of the weather and build your very own treehouse! A treehouse can range from simple designs that only take a day to complex monuments that have ladders and doorways. Regardless of how much you put into your treehouse, it’s up to you to choose the right tree for the job. Most trees can support a treehouse but that doesn’t mean every tree is equally as suitable. Let’s break down some ideas that may help you on your hunt for the right tree for the right treehouse.

What Should You Look For?

Really the biggest factors you want to look for are large, strong trees that have enough flexibility to support the heavy weight you’ll be adding onto it. You also want to choose a tree that isn’t as prone to disease, especially if you plan on having your treehouse for a long time. You also want to pick a tree that’s mature enough that it’s already done growing but isn’t aged enough that it is more prone to diseases. If you try to anchor a structure to a house that is already nearing the end of its lifespan, it could cause serious problems.

Where to Put Your Treehouse

After you’ve picked the right tree for you, you need to choose where your treehouse actually goes. Just remember that placing it too high can create stress on the structure and be a problem especially in high winds. Typically, you don’t want to go any higher than 10 to 15 feet off the ground. It’s always better if you can find a spot with a lot of branches or even multiple trees that are bunched together so you can better support the weight of your build.

What Trees Are Ideal?

If you want to look at specific species, try these trees out.

  • Tulip trees
  • Red oaks
  • Box elders
  • English oaks
  • Hedge maples
  • Silver maples
  • Sugar maples
  • Lombardy poplars

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