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What Kind of Christmas Tree is Best For You?


Which trees make for the best Christmas trees? Let’s find out!

Christmas trees are the ultimate holiday decoration. They represent the beauty and magic of the season. Choosing one that suits your needs and preferences requires a bit more than simply judging the tree by its size and shape. This is a guide to the various kinds of Christmas trees to help you choose the one that is right for you.

Fraser Fir

This tree is just about perfect. It has soft, silvery green needles that don’t drop if the tree is kept watered. The branches are spaced nicely and are firm enough to hold heavier ornaments. It has a nice fragrance, too.

Noble Fir

A noble fir is similar to a Fraser fir in that the branches are well spaced and sturdy. The needles are a beautiful deep green color and the tree will smell great in your home.

Balsam Fir

This is one of the most popular trees because of its classic shape, dark green color and it pleasant fragrance, plus it holds its needles well. The one drawback is that it has flexible branches which may not be suitable for heavy ornaments.

Douglas Fir

These trees are shorter and compact. They have light green or blue-green soft, shiny needles and a nice scent. The Douglas Fir doesn’t drop its needles if the tree is kept watered. However, this one may not be a good choice if you like to use heavy ornaments.

Colorado Blue Spruce

As you can guess by its name, this tree has blue or silvery blue sharp needles which stay on well unless the temperature in the room is too high. If the needles get broken they have an unpleasant aroma. Otherwise, this tree (which is usually smaller than others) doesn’t offer much fragrance.

White Pine

If you are sensitive to fragrances, you might want a white pine because it  has almost no scent at all. It has excellent need retention but the branches are flexible so you will need to use your lightest ornaments.

Scotch Pine

This tree emits a long-lasting aroma, so if you want your home to have that special Christmas tree smell, this one is for you. Be careful when choosing this tree, though, as many of them have crooked trunks.

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