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Everything to Know About an Arborist Before Hiring One

Everything to Know About an Arborist Before Hiring One

You might have heard of the term, but what is an arborist?

Property ownership comes with a few responsibilities, one of which includes maintaining the aesthetics and health of the trees on the property. You might have heard of the term, but what is an arborist? Harford Tree has a team of certified arborists here in Maryland. We have been helping Maryland’s trees stay healthy for a long time. As a trusted partner with tree care, we invite you to enhance the health of your trees by hiring our team of arborists. Read on to learn what an arborist does before you hire one!

What Exactly is an Arborist?

An arborist, or otherwise known as a tree surgeon, is a professional within the practice of arboriculture. This is the cultivation, study, and management of individual shrubs, trees, vines, and other perennial wood plants. Arborists focus on the safety and the health of these plants, using their unique knowledge and skills to care for them effectively.

What Does an Arborist Do?

Arborists perform different tasks related to tree care. They help diagnose and treat tree disease, identify safety hazards, and recommend solutions based on their understanding of trees. They’re trained to work safely in and around trees, using specialized equipment when needed. Arborists might also provide services like pruning, planting, or preventative maintenance to keep trees in good health, emergency tree care, or removal of dead or unwanted trees. They understand how to properly nurture trees to ensure that they add shade, beauty and contribute to the value of your current property.

Everyday Arborist Services

An arborist will offer a variety of services for maintaining the true beauty and health of your trees. Here are a few of the common services:

– Tree pruning – this is done to remove dying or dead branches to promote better tree health and prevent possible safety hazards

– Tree removal – while it is usually a last resort, sometimes it is necessary to remove trees, especially if they are dead, diseased, and posing a danger to your property

– Planting – arborists have the knowledge needed to plant trees in a way that will give them the best chance for healthy growth

– Emergency tree care – storms could cause serious damage to trees, requiring immediate attention to help ensure safety and prevent more damages

Give Harford Tree a call if you’re in need of any of these services!

Tree Care and Maintenance from Harford Tree

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