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Residential Landscape Drainage Services

Proper irrigation and proper drainage are crucial for maintaining beautiful and healthy landscaping. If water pools in areas of your yard, you might need to explore the drainage options available to you. At Harford Tree Experts & Landscaping, our experts can outfit your yard with swales, drains, or proper grading to ensure your plants stay properly watered and your home stays dry.

Signs of Poor Drainage

If you have excess water in your landscaping or home, you might be able to tell right away. Unfortunately, many people don’t spot the signs until major structural damage has already occurred. You might have a landscape drainage issue if:

  • You see or smell mildew in crawlspaces or basements
  • You see or smell mold in crawlspaces or basements
  • Your foundation is settling
  • You have new or worsening pest problems
  • You spot standing water in your yard after rain
  • Your yard has spots of yellow grass or wilted plants


Swales are shallow trenches placed along the contour of your residential property to catch excess water, move it away from your home, reduce erosion, and irrigate your garden and landscaping. Swales work by slowing the flow of water and distributing along the contour of your yard to keep everything equally watered and not flooded. Even if you don’t have a steep hill on your property, you can still benefit from a swale.


French drains are a very popular option for homeowners seeking better drainage in their yard. French drains are large trenches filled with gravel that can redirect the flow of surface and ground water to avoid flooding. Curtain drains work beautifully in yards where the street is below the grade of your property. They consist of pipes that draw in water, using the natural power of gravity, and pulling it away from your home into the appropriate place.


If you don’t have the proper grading around your home, many different drainage solutions might not even make a difference. If you have water pooling around your foundation after a rain, get your home up to grade! Our pros will assess your home and create an appropriate grade around your foundation so that water flows away from your home instead of towards it. If you notice drainage problems suddenly appearing after spring showers, a quick fix to your grading might save you money on more costly drainage solutions.

Residential Landscape Drainage Services from Harford Tree Experts & Landscaping, Inc.

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