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3 Tree Issues Commonly Seen During Spring


Spring should be a time for your tree to prosper and be healthy but sometimes that just isn’t the case.

It’s finally starting to actually feel as though it’s spring outside! As amazing as the weather may be, there’s also some apparent risk for anyone who has a tree on their property. During winter, some trees may have been impacted by the presence of unwanted pests or even disease. If you’ve noticed one of your trees not quite recovering in time for spring, there’s no need to panic—though some proactive measures may help your trees get back on their feet. Let’s take a look at common tree issues seen during spring.

Sticky Leaves

There are carbohydrates in sap and leaves that are quite appetizing to aphids. At times, they’ll eat away at trees and this can leave behind an undesirable sticky substance called honeydew. This process can also cause the leaves to curl and even cause black mold fungi. Unfortunately, due to regional variances in kinds of aphids, there’s not really a catch-all way to handle this. Instead, see your arborist if this is becoming a problem for you.

Other Insects

Beyond aphids, other kinds of insects can cause spring tree issues as well. This includes scale insects, which leave the same territorial marks as aphids but are smaller and even more destructive. Scale insects clump together which creates brightly colored spots on bark and leaves. To handle scale insects, insecticides may be your best bet and can help strengthen your tree during the perilous time of spring.

Brown Leaves

We’re all accustomed to seeing bright, green leaves during spring. It can be a bit of a surprise to see brown leaves thriving during spring but it happens. This may be a sign of a fungal disease called anthracnose, which does best in cool, wet spring weather that you may be experiencing. Once you’ve identified a problem with your trees, be sure to call your local tree specialist immediately and try to work out a solution.

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